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The checkout becomes a point of service.

However, the organiser assumes that goods have been purchased. A claim occurs on a win. The customer knows as soon as they have paid at the checkout whether they personally benefit - 100% advantage = 100% of the value of the goods!

The maximum advantage is 100 percent of the value of the purchased goods. By doing this, a unique promise of gratification emerges towards the customer: “I am looking after you, I am there for you!”

“A rapid sense of achievement is therefore in reach”

Leading retail professionals and marketing experts who have already tested the system state: “With Dream Shopping a sense of achievement comes within the reach of the customer and is positively associated with the daily shop.”

Because this venture is an activity with an extremely high memory factor, the shopping experience makes a lasting impression. Even waiting in the queue, which is often irritating, converts into something positive: Shopping with a buzz! “People who got hold of an advantage, generally share it immediately with friends and acquaintances. “That is why Dream Shopping makes you look forward to your next shop”.

Can consumers get something without paying when they shop? Yes, they can!

After their personal advantage has been calculated, an optional, regional or even seasonal profit on goods can additionally be raised. When these symbols match, you have an occasion-related advantage in the form of a “FREE product” as advertised!

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