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“No-one can understand it”

I don’t know which supermarket I should go to any more, because “apparently” everything is cheaper everywhere!

In future the following applies: The new business model is a much more important source of competitive advantage than new products and services. Products will still count, but they are much more vulnerable to being copied than a bundle of complex processes. From now on, competitive advantages emerge from the marketing and service pre-purchase bundle.

Source (Fachverlag für Marketing- und Trendinfo, der Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG)

Daily shopping problems...

... advertising brochures upon advertising brochures and again including a dozen of the most diverse supermarkets, discounts, special offers, BOGOFs etc. “No-one can understand it”. “I don’t know which supermarket I should go to any more, because “apparently” everything is cheaper everywhere”; it is known from research results from the field of neuromarketing that the human brain would like to be gratified as soon as possible.

“The customer finds out as soon as they have paid, whether they personally benefit”

To offer customers a unique shopping experience and to increase customer loyalty, and ultimately turnover, retailers today must offer customers the best service possible. The customer buys goods and at the checkout the advantage is calculated and displayed at the terminal after payment. The personal shopping experience: Customers receive an immediate price reduction with it. The maximum advantage is 100 percent of the value of the purchased goods. No cash settlement possible. No right of appeal.

Can consumers get something without paying when they shop? Yes, they can!

After their personal advantage has been calculated, an optional, regional or even seasonal profit on goods can additionally be raised. When these symbols match, you have an occasion-related advantage in the form of a “FREE product” as advertised!

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